The Business Growth

Roxy Cycle’s remarkable growth stems from its innovative approaches, strategic initiatives, and unwavering dedication to excellence, positioning it as a leader in its industry.

  • 1960

    In 1960, the Roxy company introduced BB axle.

  • 1967

    started manufacturing BB Cup  

  • 1975

    In 1975, Roxy began exporting their BB (bottom bracket) axles and BB cups to other countries.

  • 1977

    Started manufacturing Hub Axle & Cone .In 1977, Roxy received multiple export awards from the Government of India, Ministry of Commerce, which continued to recognize their achievements in subsequent years, underscoring their sustained excellence in the export industry.

  • 1985

    Started manufacturing Free Wheel 

  • 1986

    Started Manufacturing Chain wheel

  • 1988

    Started manufacturing Rims .

  • 1989

    Started manufacturing Hubs 

  • 1989 to 1997

    Roxy was acknowledged as both an export house and government-recognized entity, showcasing excellence in exporting bicycle components

  • 2010

    Roxy pioneered the production of alloy rims, setting a new standard for lightweight and durable wheel components in the cycling industry.

  • 2019

    Started manufacturing Alloy Pedals 

  • 2020

    Started manufacturing complete Bicycle 

  • 2021

    Started manufacturing Alloy Cranks

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