"Quality and affordability in the same place"

Our Beginning ?

Roxy started out selling many types of bicycles. Those are mountain bikes, multi-speed bikes, and many more. We had seen the cycle revolution and realized that health is important for everyone, so we built a cycle by putting it at the center of most people’s lives. The cycle had become a major part of our lives and would be the next big thing in India.

Why Roxy?

Technology and innovation: we focus on both, so we are manufacturing the best cycles on the market at a cheap price. So, in order to meet this requirement, we are constantly pushing ourselves to produce cycles at the lowest possible cost by never compromising on quality. These are the major reasons for you to follow Roxy.

Our Today

Roxy makes the latest personal technology accessories available and affordable for young Indian consumers. We have listed our brand on Amazon, Flipkart, and our own portal. Roxy was on the growth track in India in the field of mountain and high-speed cycles. Our turnover is growing day by day because of the high demand for these items in the Indian market.

Our Aim

Roxy is renewing its focus on the latest trend in the cycle, which is the best in terms of quality and price. We use mostly alloys that will give awesome mechanical properties to all of our cycles. We aim to be the biggest brand in the cycle segment in terms of quality and affordable price in the Indian market.